How to Practise the Best Transcendental Meditation Mantras in 2023?

What is Transcendental Meditation?

A great meditative technique developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi a long back, using holy mantras as a meditative tool. Transcendental mainly original from Hinduism and these mantra have a deep effect on humans according to science. If you want peace and improve overall well being, you should definitely give a try to Transcendental Meditation Mantras.

Best Transcendental Meditation Mantra

How Does Transcendental Meditation Work?

Scientifically the specific word or mantra you choose for your meditation deeply impacts your brain consciously and subconsciously. Particular frequency formed while reciting the mantra leads to a special activation of certain parts of brain which helps in overall betterment.

In history of Hinduism Civilisation, these were practised by the greatest of the greatest to unlock once blocked chakras and help to gain the best out of the best in the individuals life. All the way it definitely works till these days as many practicians have tried and seen a huge positive impact on ones life. And personally I have ben into this practise for over more than two years now, and I saw the real changes form around 40 to 60 days.

Summarising, transcendental meditation works on your overall mind helping in overall betterment of life.

Transcendental Meditation Benefits

Though meditation have a huge impact on life, especially the Transcendental Meditation Mantra, but some might seem to be unaware of reality of life. For that, here’s the true benefit of Transcendental Meditation Mantra:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Mental Clarity
  • Improved Memory
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Betterment Mood
  • More likeable by people around you
  • Ability to guess future
  • Life in control
  • Inner Peace 🕊️
  • Increase likeability
  • Confidence on rocket

What happens during the practice of transcendental meditation?

Reciting specific mantra with full focus rewires your mind. Certain frequency hits your brains specific part which might not be active ever before and you might discover some of extraordinary powers. taking it to extreme level, I have personally also seen people once normal humans turning into superhuman.

But remember, everything takes time, you gotta have patience and make it to full focus. I saw my results from around 40 to 60th day and that’s is the average number. If caught the right beat, you will definitely see a huge change once in your life.

Transcendental Meditation Techniques

The technique to transcendental meditation is only following what you have been told, that is mantra. You gotta keep reciting it.

But the key here is you gotta make the environment first. Here’s the main Transcendental Meditation Techniques you could follow:

  • Explore a quite place
  • Make a comfortable position
  • Make sure you gotta no disturbance
  • Close your eyes
  • Start reciting the mantras
  • Ignore other thought coming into your mind (But do not ignore, after a week or two, you will have control over it)
  • Continue for the time period you wish. (Recommended 10-15 Minutes)
  • Gradually Transition

How to find your Mantra for Transcendental Meditation

Mantras are listed below with each having their specific meaning and powers, you have option to choose any one and give a shot for at least three weeks, If no results are seen that means that the mantra does not matches your vibe hence, you need to change the mantra. All the best mantras have been titled below and you can have the call.

Transcendental Meditation Mantras

There are overall 7 Best Transcendental Meditation Mantras among which you can have your choice, so without wasting much of your time, here’s the list:

Aum 🕉️

Confidently saying, this is solar the best of the bestest mantra you can use in your Transcendental Meditation Mantras. Also known as sound of the universe, this is originated from hinduism scriptures and considered the mantra of Lord Shiva. Spiritually it is a mantra to connect your energy or soul to the universe.

But Scientifically, Aum is the sound that was some time heard from the universe. Once some strange frequencies were recorded and decoding it to sound, it was exactly as Aum Mantra sounds. If you find hard to make the choice, you could definitely choose Aum Mantra

Aim ใ

A great mantra if you ever feel any health issue. If you have any hormonal imbalance, then Aim Mantra would work great for you. It activates your pituitary gland and make sure that you got a proper balance amount your hormones.

Additionally it helps for making mind fresh, making more active focus and increasing the concentration power and inner peace. Collectively adding Aim mantra in your Transcendental Meditation would help you to experience deeper level of peace and relaxation.

Shreem 📿

Mantra Shreem is a great mantra dedicated to Maa Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, prosperity and success. Repetition of this mantra help to unblock your chakras and remove all the negative energy or vibrations around you, helping you to get the best out of your life.

This is a great mantra if you ever want to manifest something whether it is materialistic or spiritual, if will act as a great support pillar for infestation among it. By regular usage of this mantra, after some time you will find an equilibrium in your life and a little more time than that, you will start getting positive energy into yourself.

Hrim ☀︎

Hrim is a great mantra for emotions. It works by activating your heart chakra and remove any clog around it. It helps to get the emotional balance of life by promoting the feeling of love, harmony, compassion and acceptance.

By adding Hrim Mantra in your transcendental meditation mantras, you can increase your emotional level overall increasing the empathy and capacitance of feeling connected to other people.

Krim ⚓️

Krim is a mantra associated with Maa Kali, who is a Hindu Goddess of Destruction and signifies Feminism Strength. But this mantra isn’t related to destruction. It is a another mantra among transcendental meditation mantra to unlock your positive energy and remove all the negative energy.

It works by removing negative thoughts and make you more confident in life. It helps to remove all your past Karma, weather good or bad and help you to start a new life. Reciting this mantra make you to move on from your past experience, especially negative one. So, if you are feeling with breakup or any other past trauma, then definitely give it a try.

Klim ➿

The Klim Mantra stands as a powerful dedication to Maa Lakshmi is same as Shreem 📿 mantra, the Divine embodiment of wealth, prosperity, and triumph. Chanting this mantra holds the potential to clear your chakras and dispel any lingering negative energies or vibrations that surround you, paving the way for you to harness the fullest potential of your life.

This mantra proves to be a potent tool for manifesting your desires, be they material or spiritual in nature. It serves as a steadfast pillar of support on your journey toward fulfillment. With consistent practice of this mantra, you’ll soon find a harmonious balance in your life. And in due time, an influx of positive energy will grace your being.

Hum ☸️

Hum is the last but not less than other mantras among Transcendental Meditation Mantras. It is a mantra known to unlock the throat chakra. It helps improving communication with other whether if its story telling or anything else. Repeating Hum mantra make your mind calm and promotes stillness among you.

Some practicians also tells that it helps to give life a balance among the good and the bad and increases the creativity of the mind.

How to Use Transcendental Meditation Mantras

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Can you choose your own transcendental meditation mantras?

Yes, you can choose your own transcendental meditation mantra, and it is highly recommended to choose ones own. Find the mantra that works best for you, let it take a month or two, but the Transcendental Meditation Mantra you will find would stick to you life time.

Can transcendental meditation be self-taught?

Simply answering, No. Practising mantra meditation is a complex thing and not pronouncing mantra correctly or not able to generate perfect frequency could lead to no benefits or in some cases even attracting negative energies.

Hence, recommending you to at least watch YouTube videos on how to pronounce the perfect mantra and how things are done. Greatest video has been attached below, you can give it a shot or try yourself.

Is transcendental meditation the same as mantra meditation?

Almost, Transcendental meditations are some words you follow for your betterment of life where as Mantra Meditations are already tested and trialed mantras for each related to specific part of the life. It has its main origin from Hinduism and work well with everyone as Hinduism footprints are the most studied and well trusted among any other civilisation ever existed.

Finally, it is you call, but personally I would suggest you to find mantra rather than word. As I have my personal experience, mantra meditation would be the greatest and the best. At the end, it’s your call.

🕊️ Peace

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