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AA morning meditation is a meditative practise associated with a organisation named Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a organisation helping individuals currently struggling with alcohol addiction.

It mainly discuss about 5 chapters in AA Morning Routine following:

Chapter 1: Fellowship Build On Support

From the community of AA who have been sailing in the same boat come together and share their experience and shows how to change. It mainly consist of-

Mutual Support

Community of AA For AA Morning Meditation gives a safe platform to discuss about the hardships an individual faced during his addiction. They open up and draw strength from each other to be on the right path and quit alcohol and become sober.

Emotional Resilience

AA Morning meditation is well equipped with the items or tools that help in the journey of sobriety. This help in all aspects of emotional strength, anxiety or any other problem that could ultimately be the reason to relapse.

Chapter 2: Power Of Mindfulness in AA Morning Meditation

AA Morning Meditation teaches the people a greatest truth of life about living in present. This mantra leads to a great life as this could bypass the trigger about alcohol. Greatest pass is about emotions which would definitely be in your control after you have mastered the Power Of Mindfulness taught by AA Morning Meditations.

Chapter 3: Connecting with Spirituality

Its not always about science, but AA Morning Meditation give a way to connect to spirituality just as Lord Shiva does. Taking them as teacher follow his path and make the connection to him and finding the shiva into yourself. As god exists everywhere, He’s within you, all you gotta do is make connection with him and find the way out to any small or big problem in the life.

Chapter 4: Self-Reflection and Healing

After learning how to meditate and what all are the benefits of meditation, connecting to god and finding yourself in you, Next step is about self reflection and self healing. You gotta get deep down into yourself and cut the roots of alcohol addiction. That’s the best thing you could ever do in your life by following AA Morning Meditation.

Chapter 5: Cultivating Gratitude

Now you are you, the best version you could imagine but that’s not the boundary or the thing to grab about. You gotta pay gratitude to shiva and the universe for letting you loose your Alcohol.

It was you who got the gut to quit the bad habit and start AA Morning Meditation. Just thank everyone you could imagine in this world, and pay gratitude everyday to small wins you had in the life.

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In the conclusion, this was the journey an individual following to quit alcohol addiction. Hope it finds you helpful in your journey to quit alcohol.

Official Site of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Peace 🕊️

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