My Morning Routine

Starting the day with a morning routine can make the difference between productivity and a fulfilling day or a chaotic and stressful one. I will design a morning routine that sets the tone for the rest of the day and can provide you a sense of responsibility for your work, so here we will discuss my morning routine that I personally use. For me it is a million dollar morning routine and wishing you would get some motivation and build your own.

My Morning Routine
My Morning Routine

My morning routine starts with when I wake up I usually wake up around 4:00 a.m. in the Summers and get done with all my day today activity in the morning routine aesthetic. After getting out of bed, I go off drinking a lot of water because it has been many hours since my body is dehydrated. So water is a must.

Getting to the spiritual side of my morning routine creating it a spiritual morning routine, I meditate for Shiva, a Hindu god and it brings me peace for the rest of my day. So actually for meditation, you don’t have to do anything like thought or create a special state of mind. Wisdom comes to no need just simply be so as long as you are aware of something and then maintain that awareness that is meditation.

I also read at least one chapter of a self help book which motivates me and teaches me about life. Not bluffing, but it literally changed my personality. I was damn confident about my body and my strength. Learn new things and gain strength. I came to a stage at which I challenged my biggest fear and overcame it. And started getting comments that really motivated me. I was on the way to becoming a sigma male.

Loving myself alone time, getting unwanted attention, no fear, no tension, and life was set. Working my ass off for the goal I chose for myself. Committed to me and did what I could.

Soon, my music taste changed from sad, demotivating songs to motivation, fighting, and aggressive songs.

Stopped caring about satisfying others and satisfying my own soul. Got control of my emotions and reactions.

After that my day normally starts by completing a simple daily morning routine. Here’s that routine: Click Here

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